3 Impressive Examples of AI in Marketing

Information is necessary to understand the world around us. The Internet is the perfect place to find whichever information we need. Some people are interested in learning about nuclear physics, while others want to know about more hobbies such as СТАВКИ В УКРАЇНІ

Sometimes, we find new information by stumbling upon advertisements. And when it comes to advertisements, we sometimes advertise ourselves by using social media. Whenever you post a photo and interact with people, you are basically advertising yourself, whether your fitness prowess, your artistic approach to the world, or your wittiness by posting and making memes. 

However, behind some large companies and huge competitors in the market, there is a lot of technology backing them up. AI has entered the world of marketing. Here are some examples of AI being used to boost marketing services.

AI in Search Engines

This is the most well-known example of AI in marketing, one which we are all familiar with, at least on the surface level. AI thrives on data and lots of it. Search engines get access to a lot of data, making them a perfect source for extracting it and an easy way of feeding an AI.

AI which interacts with search engines analyses the words that you type and can predict what you will type next. Whether you have a computer problem or you have troubles with your car, the AI will fill out your search results and not only that, but get you the best result possible. 

This has some benefits for you as someone who is problem-solving, but if you get bombarded with ads as you are searching for something important, it can be annoying.

Whichever the case, AI is constantly finding ways to improve our search results and with that, marketing.

Content Writing

This prospect can be scary for a lot of writers out there. Will it cost the writers their job? Currently, AIs are only able to write pieces which include hard statistics. Writing a successful opinion-based piece is really difficult. They can write sports stories, rather, statistics reports, news articles regarding financial reports and these types of things.

However, they can still be very beneficial to writers who are working in these sectors, simply because they can provide a piece of content which can be used as a good base, to help jump start the stagnating writer.

While there is that bit of AI scare, that we might get replaced, we should view them as friendly tools and find ways to adapt. 


While search engines do a single thing, AIs are also behind ad targeting, partly at least. Most advertising campaigns analyze some results and tell the campaign managers that you are not clicking on links even after you have searched for something multiple times. This means that they will most likely not add you to their targeting and retargeting lists.

AIs help with these, helping analyze the data and provide the people involved in the marketing departments better results and more precise guesses, to help modify campaigns so that they are more effective.

There will be even more examples of AIs used in marketing. These are some obvious ones which you will come across in your everyday life, browsing the internet. There are more examples, but you might have to dig deeper to find them.