As we go through life, we tend to focus on some things, some more than others. We tend to spend our time focused on activities, fun games or even promotions like the Nordicbet Bonus for fun, hobbies, or even things. 

Technology is something that is easy to obsess over. It comes and goes and the new technology that replaces it is better, but it also gets obsolete with time. Even today, we are still obsessed with some things, technological breakthroughs or rather, long-forgotten inventions. Here are the top inventions that we still spend much of our time thinking about, or purchasing.

Valve/Tube Amplifiers

Guitar amplification is still living in the 1950s. Back then, transistors were still not being used, and vacuum tubes, also known as valves or simply tubes, were used to amplify the guitar signal. The imperfections in tube amplification led to sounds and more importantly, the feeling which guitar players covet to this day. Obsolete designs which waste much more power than they should are to this day being used on stage, in studios, and at home.

Tube amplifiers are a thing of the past, but one that is very present in an average guitarist’s life.

Cassette Players

Nothing beats a Walkman, or so we think. Portable cassette players were changed with the introduction of the Walkman. Everybody wanted to have one and to play their own music while on the road. They were replaced by the Discman, or portable disc players, which were much more sophisticated. Nowadays, we have smartphones that can hold entire discographies in ridiculously high quality, but people still like the feel of analog sound reproduction, hence why cassette players are popular.

Vinyl Records and Record Players

Even though there are many modern albums released on vinyl and a lot of modern record players, some even with USB-outs, the pure reproduction of recordings on a vinyl record remains the dream of many audiophiles.

Most audiophiles have various methods of reproducing audio, including a record player. However, some are very specific about their spinning records, so they tend to keep tons of them, first releases, worth thousands of dollars. These records and record players are still around and are likely to be here in the future, as an important part of our audio history.

The Nokia 3310

This is considered the phone to end them all, a simple phone, yet indestructible, one which you could drop off the top of a building and it would still be working just fine. It is an obsolete gadget by all standards of today’s phone, but it is still a working phone which people could use to make calls and messages, but who is sending SMSs anyway?


We all like gadgets and inventions, but sometimes, we like old things. Why? They work, they are dear to us, they make us smile and above all, they last. Will today’s things be remembered as these ones? It remains to be seen.

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