Artificial Intelligence is not regarded as the future anymore, it has become our reality. The AI industry has flourished in the past several years, and the COVID19 pandemics only boosted its development of it, since people are socially more distant from each other than ever before. The Internet played a major role in the development of AI, although it first appeared as early as 1955. Artificial intelligence refers to machines and robots replicating human behavior and intelligence and they decide about certain issues on people’s behalf.  Here are some points on AI you haven’t been familiar with so far. 

The emergence of AI Pets

Animal companions have been a must for the majority of modern people who strive for commitment, care, friendship, and closeness to another living being. Since living pets can be trained to perform a limited number of tasks, AI pets are there to perform a whole set of activities – they take food on their own, clean after themselves while looking, feeling, and acting like real pets. AI Pets are practical for owners with a busy schedule who cannot take care of their animal companions 24/7, yet they still need their company and presence. It is predicted that AI Pets will be available all over the world by 2025. 

The Popularity of Female AI Bots

Phone assistants like Alexa and Siri have been present for several years, and they are popular when phone users do not have the patience to type their commands or queries. It is interesting to point out that the majority of phone users respond better to a female voice, and they consider the voices of Alexa and Siri more reliable and pleasant than male voices. This can be also understood as a challenge to develop an AI Bot with a certain tone and diction which would also gain users’ confidence. 

Robots sensitive to human emotions

There are robots that can recognize human emotions on the basis of their tone of voice and reactions. The first robot to sense human emotions was created in the 1990s and was called Kismet. Not only can Kismet sense human emotions, but it can also stimulate them by supervising people’s behavior. This was a cornerstone of so-called affective computing. 

The AI’s ability to repair itself

Some AI robots do not need a help of a human to be repaired. They are constructed in a way they notice the lack of certain parts during their regular performance. Then, after they notice what they lack, they try to solve the problem by a trial-and-error approach. In this way, AI robots become more human-like and try to simulate the human ability to regenerate. 

Romantic Relationships between Humans and Robots

This can be tricky for many since robots are becoming more and more human-like. With the advancement of their behavior, emotions, and the mind which can imitate human reasoning, David Levy, an AI expert, believes that some humans will easily fall in love with robots in the nearest future. This should warn us not to cross the limits and to protect humanity from collapse. 

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