The reality of the world that we are living in today is that AIs are seeping into all aspects of our lives. They are used to make our everyday life better and more comfortable but they are also used by companies to increase profit. However, when this profit is made at the expense of other people, what are the moral implications of such actions? It is one thing to use targeted ads to try and motivate someone to go shopping for something they searched on google. However, it is a completely different thing when these targeted ads are used to promote a behavior that is labeled as clinical addiction.

Bookies are using AI to keep gamblers hooked. Bookmakers are using AI in new ways to make people susceptible to gambling more hooked or to make them return to gambling once they have tried escaping its claws. This practice is not ceasing or even slowing down, despite condemnation from the public, as well as from the MPs. One of the ways in which the gambling industry tries to keep you hooked to gambling is through various promotions and bonus offers and this is completely fine. However, when these promotions are personalized to suit you specifically, according to data that you are not even aware you are giving out, the situation turns gray.

All your betting habits and moves are scrutinized to the last click. With every bet that you make on a betting platform and every search you make online the gambling indust v bn nv ry finds out more about you. The goal is to have a complete profile of customers in order to better predict their behavior. So, without you even being aware, you are sitting under a magnifying glass, clicking away, more and more becoming a puppet.

AI is used to maximize profit, not to enhance user experience. Another problem with using AI in gambling is how it is portrayed and how transparent the whole ordeal is. The practice is marketed to the public as an ingenious way of making betting more personalized and as a way of optimizing user experience. That is far from the truth, however, as the underlying motivation is increasing profit at the expense of other people’s loss. Moreover, the general public is not completely aware of what personal information they are sharing due to long and confusing terms and conditions.

How different is it from simple targeted ads? The main difference is that if you buy a piece of clothing because of a targeted ad, you will be gaining something. However, if you decide to place a bet because of a targeted ad, there is a high chance that you will gain nothing, but only end up being at a loss.

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