Online casinos have contributed greatly to the popularization of gambling and to making gambling more accessible as a form of entertainment to people worldwide. However, one of the main areas that often concerns most gamblers is user privacy when using these online casinos or even betting online with promotions such as the Cheltenham betting offers 2019. So, how safe are you really?

We have some good news – for the most part, if you steer clear from shady online platforms, your personal info will be safe. Unfortunately, not everything is black and white, so there are still some safety concerns. How exactly then do online casinos protect your user privacy?

Online casinos use 128 and 256-bit encryption. Data encryption, in this case also known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, is one of the most effective ways of protecting data online. The good news is that it is pretty much a standard for most online casinos. This security protocol establishes an encrypted connection between your browser and the web server. This means that all data that you exchange with the server is protected and even if someone intercepts it, they will not be able to read it.

DDoS attacks are a growing threat to the online gambling industry. DDoS attacks are done in order to overwhelm an online service with illegitimate traffic and in that way make it unavailable for use. One of the consequences of DDoS attacks is a loss of sensitive and confidential data. Therefore, theoretically, hackers could get a hold of your personal data and use it for malicious purposes. However, online casinos are employing blanket security layers which are able of discerning illegitimate traffic from legitimate one and then re-routing it away from the crucial servers.

Is mobile casino gaming more secure than playing on your PC? If this question was asked several years ago, the answer would be a definite ‘No!’ However, ever since Flash applications became obsolete and HTML5 was introduced, the situation has changed significantly. Flash apps were an Achilles tendon of online gambling, so today top online gambling platforms use HTML5 to protect their customers and their data from illegal and harmful breaches.

How much are we in control? Can we make decisions about our data? Unfortunately, this is one of the main concerns when it comes to the protection of our user data when using online casinos. The truth is, once you share your data with the casino’s servers, your actions are set in stone. It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible to delete your data.

Moreover, there are concerns about what the casino will do with your data afterward. There is a realistic possibility that it could get sold to third parties or that it could be used for other purposes. All of these details are usually written in the terms and contracts sheet; however, not many people read it because of how long it is and because the average person could not get a lot from it due to complicated legal terminology.

The bottom line is that technology definitely has ways of protecting user privacy. However, that matters little if there is no human will to actually do so. Because of that, us users should be careful about our actions online in the first place. However, we are left to hope that technology will keep up and keep contributing to the overall safety of online gamblers.

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