Wireless headphones are so common nowadays that they come in all shapes and sizes, from buds to circumaural or in other words, full size headphones. From user to user, everyone can find headphones in the size and shape they desire, many of them also coming in a wireless option.

The Google Pixel Buds

Enter the Google Pixel Buds, and as their name might imply, they are buds, or earphones, that rest on the outer ear and do not enter the inner ear. This way, they do not interfere with the outside noise that much and you can focus while roaming through the city. It is slightly less usable when it comes to eliminating all outside noise and focusing on a specific task.

They do have some specific features which are accessible only to Pixel and Pixel 2 users, yet they are pretty much relevant on all devices which have marshmallow android or up. Why? Well, because Google Assistant is supported on all android versions from marshmallow and upwards. The Assistant is a useful tool which can help you from anything like changing songs to some specific things like answering messages.

The Pixel Buds’ Features

Like any other wireless headphones, these can be paired with any device having a Bluetooth connection. What makes them different and a bit annoying is that the fast pairing option is not available on devices below Android nougat. Nougat and Oreo devices have fast pairing as an option.

The Buds can be used to do anything from answering calls, messages, giving the Assistant commands, and even translation. Yes, you can have the headphones do live translations for you while you are talking or listening to someone talk to you.


This is the most coveted feature of this device and is, unfortunately, only limited to the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 phones. The way it works is rather simple, you ask the Assistant to translate for you and you say whatever you want to say.

The sentence/s are forwarded to your phone where they are translated using Google’s Translate app and the translation is relayed through the phone’s speaker, ideally, so that whoever you are having your conversation with, can hear it.

Once the person says whatever they have to say, their sentence/s are translated and relayed back to you, through the headphones.

While this is a rather futuristic approach to translation, it is still taking its baby steps and the translation is limited to basic communication and available only on Pixel Devices.

The Google Pixel Buds are perfect if you have a newer Android phone or have a Pixel phone and want to take on a more futuristic approach to communication, translation and in general, wireless headphone usage.

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