AI is making waves in every industry since its introduction, with athletes and sports next on that list. One of the most popular pastimes in the world, the sports business is just burgeoning with potential.

Tackle the corner of marketing. AI is used regularly to monitor consumer data, and in the sports market, it is vital to the needs of the company. The same is true for online casinos as well, especially those who often have special promotions such as the cozino bonus offer. Many online sites, and even in-store areas, have taken to a personalized AI chatbot, communicating regularly with customers, answering questions they may have about the product in question, and even directing them to the right places. It tracks the efficiency and quality of the products their selling, as well as helps prevent future illness or injury, and improve the health of athletes for future events. It has created new possibilities for what sports customers need in obtaining what they need.

Under Armour improving performance. Under Armour (UA) is a well-known sports clothing and materials tycoon, recently delving into the craft of using AI to assist their customers with their specific needs, and to better their merchandise. They developed a personal AI fitness system that gives each user their detailed, collected data from throughout the day or during their workout. It tracks eating and sleeping patterns, heart rate, and sends personal insight and challenges to keep you motivated and inspired.

Track specific players in a game. With AI’s new facial recognition, it has been transported to the complex world of sports. It has been developed to help label and track each player and their statistics, follow them individually for personalized scores, tallies them on their plays and play styles, as well as techniques that can be used to strengthen the team. It is also able to use foresight, predicting and assuming where each pass will go based on the position and velocity of the players. This allows for statistical data to be worked from and expanded upon by the team and their coach, perfecting their craft and diversifying their play style.

Writing articles. Basic, but sometimes necessary, AI can use the data it has gathered from a sports match to write a summarized article. By actually watching and learning from the game, and interacting with the data it has collected, the AI helps journalists capture key points and certain patterns unknown to someone simply spectating. It helps expand and detail their sports coverage for a more rounded and complete piece.

The potential future. Many companies are diving in head first to the research of friendly bots, or ‘Fan Bots’. Some sporting events have them in place already, talking with the spectators and cheering with them, while also being able to answer questions or direct them to someone that has the answers. The true future of AI in sports comes in the form of assistant coaches. With the world at their fingertips and a host of streamed information, these assistant coaches would help in developing and improving on game strategies, detect patterns and pattern plays from opposing lineups, and help their team brush up on trivial mistakes and improve accuracy.

Sports analysis helps provide AI with the quick time, critical learning it needs to evolve within the market and fan-driven industry. It will help create, teach, and master the skills of the trade, providing the market with inspiration and excellent products.

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