Artificial Intelligence has begun to take the world by storm, and many aspects of your life that you may not yet realize.  Technology has expanded exponentially in the last decade, and AI has so far been on a path less traveled, until recently. New advances in educating machines how to learn and self-teach by developing neural networks that simulate real neurons firing will skyrocket us into the new Era.

AI brings a life and a new voice into your home.  Although she may come as just a background character in this game of life, Alexa is a budding form of AI brought into everyone’s home and has been the center of groundbreaking advancements in what we can accomplish. She’s been around for a few years now, answering questions we may have from across a room, setting up task lists, checking weather, setting an alarm. AI also brings life to gambling. Fans can bet without leaving their room—bonus code hunters interested in online slots can take advantage of the Novomatic welcome bonus and get a lot of free spins.

Snapchat: The ideals with new possibilities. There isn’t a cell phone today without the infamous photo sharing social media app that is dominating the market. Snapchat started as just that, sharing seconds of images before they disappear, until the inclusion of facial recognition software to allow for more advanced filters, such as the face swap.

Driving may soon become obsolete. We’ve already created a new form of Taxi, the Uber and Lyft driver, but breaching modern day on a highway near you may soon be self-driving cars. After wild success with driverless trains in Japan and many other countries, big corporations, like Google, are finding new ways to bring that reality to the open road. They will be safer, including the reduced risk of riding with strangers, as well as faster reaction times to others on the road.

Making waves in the job industry. The medical field has been studying the invention of a “nurse” robot, tackling fine-haired stitching and more delicate surgeries. It would make a riskier scenario less prevalent, and allow the doctors to monitor the patient more closely and carefully. This promising lead of worker automatons will begin to help in many other occasionally more dangerous jobs, such as defusing bombs, helping eliminate pollution, or lending a hand in household chores.

A new category of sub-species. A classic tale of fiction being woven into the fabric of reality as burgeoning AI trickles closer to sentience and the creation of a new species of human. Transhumanism has been talked about for years, practiced in the recreation of missing limbs and soon to be expanded to whole bodies and consciousness.

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