Only one decade ago, nobody would have thought that artificial intelligence and machine learning would be such important topics in our everyday conversations. AI’s are slowly permeating all aspects of our lives, some more worryingly than others.

Online casinos and Ladbrokes Cheltenham offers have been a turning point in the gambling industry, which was stigmatized in throughout the 20th century. Today, that stigma has been removed and gambling has become a form of entertainment that is more and more socially acceptable. However, can all of that cease to exist because of artificial intelligence? 

Can machines trick online casinos’ algorithms? In order to ensure fair play for their customers, online casinos use Random Number Generators as the basis of their games’ system. However, this generator is still just a program, that means that it still has a pattern even though it does not seem like that to us. Therefore, theoretically, an AI with advanced machine learning capabilities could learn these patterns and use this knowledge to win bets.

An AI can learn how to cheat at slots, roulette, poker, and many other games. When you think about it, it is not at all that difficult to cheat at these games. For example, even some people have done it by figuring out patterns in games like blackjack. A poker game uses only one deck of cards and there are only 52 cards in a deck. If you give it enough time and input, an AI can learn the rules of the game, all combinations that these cards can make, and successfully predict the outcome of every game.

Can casinos protect their legacy in any way? The only thing that can stop an AI from cheating at an online casino are not humans, it’s another AI. The random number generator is also an AI that was devised to provide fair play to punters but also to prevent humans from figuring out game patterns and cheating. Therefore, it is not unlikely that, just as AI’s will be used to trick casinos, they will also be used to protect them. It is likely that a successor of the random number generator will be able to recognize an AI on the other side or any kind of foul play and prevent them from harming the casino or other players.

AI’s might make online gambling obsolete. Unless something is done to solve this potential future issue, online gambling will most likely become pointless. Unless you have a guarantee of fair play, knowing that everybody has equal chances of winning, what is the point of playing?

So, the only thing that we can do is wait and see how the situation develops and hope for the best outcome.

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