The modern day consumer has more freedom to choose as they please when it comes to entertainment. As more and more switch away from programmed television, Artificial Intelligence advancements help to tackle the large scope of new information and customers.

Your own Virtual Reality. With a bit of wicked headgear and handheld controllers, more and more people are shifting to VR for their entertainment needs. A computer or graphically designed environmental simulation allows for in-depth observation and potential studies for educational and even military purposes. Now found in most homes with a gaming console, it is used to delight and distracts from the real world. VR is on the right path to true virtual simulation, eventually leading to full body advancements in gaming.

Research and study analysis. There is no entertainment without those in need of it, and as the world grows, AI helps collect all that new user data for companies to review. It collects figures and statistics from everywhere, in seconds, capable of laying out complete quarterly earnings, consumer ratings, and accurate, coherent content with the needed insight to help companies expand their research and their reach to the public. Soon, they can use these figures to collaborate with other companies, such as the food industry or retail, and use similar techniques for the future of window shopping and choice making.

Searching made even easier. Apps such as Netflix and Hulu have already introduced a recommendation system to allow ease of access in exploring and discovering new shows. This AI learns from your watchlist or previous searches and compiles similar shows and entertainment you may enjoy based around that. It has a real-life conversation with the communication servers and only becomes smarter and more efficient as more people use it.

Personal entertainment within hobbies. With such a large change in how certain humans interact and entertain one another, hobbies and some career paths are highly accessible to the mass public. Photo taking can be done from any phone or new age camera, as well as making your own videos or movies with special FX software available for purchase. AI is providing a substantial backbone in self-publishing, editing, digital painting, and even 3D printing, and has become a huge learning tool for the future of creative expression. No longer do people need to go through a third party to put their art out in the world, and eventually, it will all be done through an AI system for faster turn around and profit.

More leisure time for more entertainment. As AI continues down its path, more jobs will be taken over by robots and machines or become remote, and as a result, leave people with extra free time. More entertainment companies will have to step up their game and their AI to keep with the demands for new movies and binge-worthy shows.

The population is only increasing, and the AI in entertainment has to maintain pace and mature rapidly for consumer satisfaction in all aspects of the industry.

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