AI and machine learning have been buzzwords in the tech environment for quite some time. However, when someone mentions artificial intelligence we usually think about human-like robots, similar to those in the movie Blade Runner. But the reality is that all sorts of programs can run on AI. Basically, AI can be programmed to do certain tasks and then use the inputs to adapt its strategy and do it better. In a way, it’s a system designed to help us much like STS Casino Bonus that helps us have more fun in our free time. Here we will speculate about how our society will function once AI is everywhere. 

Self-Regulated Traffic

With AI everywhere we would be able to have a totally automated traffic regulation system. The cars would be driven by AI that is connected to traffic regulatory AI which would allow us to reach our destination faster, mainly because it would help us prevent traffic jams. Instead of using traffic lights, AI would calculate the number of vehicles in certain lanes..This will also significantly reduce the number of car accidents and allow emergency services to get clean and quick routes to their destination. 

No More Big Queues

With AI we can completely eliminate big queues. They can be way more effective at scanning our documents compared to clerks, not to mention that at this point we will be able to handle everything digitally from our homes. Even when entering concerts a quick drone scan can be used to check for any weapons in the crowds, instead of having bouncers frisk the guests. So, the efficiency will be boosted to the maximum, and we will have a lot more free time. 

Drone Deliveries 

Even grocery shopping will be different once AI is everywhere. We will pretty much have everything delivered to our doorstep via AI navigated drones. This ties in with the point that there will be no queues, but it also has wider implications. There could be some sort of automated deliveries especially when it comes to medicine. If someone forgets to buy the meds that they need on a daily basis, a drone can automatically provide those even if the owner forgets to issue the command. And if there was a mix up the meds can be returned and refunded. 


In reality, we don’t need robots that are using AI in order to have a society that is operated by AI. The only reason for creating a human-like robot is to replace things that only humans can give. In other words, this might be something that sex shops would want to look into but it would still be creepy so it’s difficult to gauge if it would be a good idea. Maybe there can be robot babysitters if kids need someone humanlike in order to take commands seriously. 


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