With the advancement of technology, everything has transferred to the online world. Meetings, school, work, and even fun places like sportsbooks have found their place online! Some of these we use because we have to (work and school, right?) and others, we use for fun, by looking for offers such as the Betfair bonus. Not only has everything transferred to the online world, but all of these places have become more popular due to their availability.  The Artificial Intelligence industry is also witnessing a period of various innovations and rapid progress. The world’s market temporarily has the largest requirements for ICT devices and services, which boosts the development of AI and all the equipment and gadgets it goes with. Here are the highlights of nerds’ digest on the latest trends in the AI industry and their establishment. 

Developing Language Models

This may appear to be one of the hardest tasks for the AI industry since it has to replicate a human brain that creates an unlimited number of statements and sentences with a limited number of words. In other words, AI should gain a creativity feature, which is not easy. The latest AI models learn to determine the ways words, phrases, and sentences are related to one another, and how they are connected to form a paragraph.

These models use the rules of probability to estimate the construction of phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, and the nature of the connection between them. In that way, these language models are becoming more refined in understanding language, and use semantic techniques to improve their results. 

Natural Language Processing – NLP

Almost everyone is familiar with AI bots which communicate with humans by using voice. These AI bots are known as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. They process the language input naturally – they understand what people say to them, take the required activities, and have an appropriate response. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are not there to act upon human queries, they can also analyze business operations and support the users if they seem confused in their requests. All in all, NLP is there to further alleviate the communication between humans and robots. 

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI helps people generate various content – images, written texts, music, and generating one content form to the other, like the text to image, text to music, etc. Generative AI is mostly used for the sake of art and education. A good example of Generative AI use is to transform the natural-sounding text into a grammatically correct one or to make it more natural to a certain field or style. That is how Generative AI is upgraded to solve more complex problems and adapt to different situations and necessities. 

An approach based on reinforcement learning

When creating AI technology, the scientists are mostly led by decision-making and reward-based training. This approach is known as reinforced learning, where the machines ‘learn’ from the environment and adjust to it so as to get more rewards for their actions and behavior. This approach reminds us of our own schooling process – we make mistakes, we learn by making them, and we do not always get positive feedback, so we try to find a way to find a solution and become better at our performance. That is also the way we accomplish the main goals of our education. 

Political Correctness and Machine Learning

As we are facing an era where you shouldn’t offend anybody on gender, race, or bigotry terms, the scientists developing AI should also pay attention to these issues. Therefore, companies producing AI machines and robots should check the nature of inputs and adjust them so as not to offend anybody – the elderly, the members of the LGBT population, people from various religions, etc. 

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