AI or artificial intelligence has been used for a long time from simple things like chatbots to more complex like Google’s Assistant or other various AIs which have been known to beat players in different video games from chess to even League of Legends.

As AI has become trendy, people from all sorts of industries have turned to it and they found that it can be very useful in many tasks. Since people have started gambling online a lot more than they do in real life and using promotions such as Vegas Hero Bonus Code when they visit online casinos, it makes sense that this would be the industry to focus on improvement and advancement. Gambling can certainly benefit from the implementation of AIs and both regular casinos and online casinos have opened their eyes to the possibilities of what an AI can do for and against them.

Here are some of the interesting things AI brings to gambling.

Analysis – data crunching – predictions and more

While casinos regularly had to rely on people to judge whether a certain person plays some games more than others, how much they deposit and at what times, AI can do that much more reliably, especially when it comes to online casinos.

All that data can be quickly analyzed and turned into profit for both the casinos and the customers. The AI can predict games which the customer prefers based on their previous games, deposits and play style. All of that can lead to a better customer experience and the site keeping their customer, where both sides profit.


While games like card games which require certain bluffing skills on the human side and other various personality traits, an AI can just do the math and based on those calculations, make a game winning play. AIs have been known to beat humans in chess games and other logical games alike, yet they tend to keep losing in card games.

Once they become more advanced, they can take into account not only the imperfect information but the opposing player’s approach to the game, giving the said AI more advantages than flaws. Development in this area of AI technology greatly benefits online casinos as it can increase competitiveness without the need for other human players.

Actual Chat Bots

The rise of chat bots was interesting, comical and to a very large extent, annoying, due to their ridiculous attempt to appear human. Many sites’ customer service was rated abysmally low due to those chat bots.

Having an advanced AI take over as the role of a chat bot makes automated messages seem less annoying and more to the point, which is always expected from customer service. If the said bot is linked to the other AI which gathers data about a player’s overall behavior and tendencies, it can calculate the need to send that support ticket directly to a human operator, thus eliminating any and all possibility of frustration.

Preventing Gambling Addiction

Many online casinos do their best to promote responsible gambling and leave links and numbers to various services which help with addiction. Little can be done, however, to prevent a person who has a lot of money to spend except their own free will.

An AI can study the patterns of how much a person deposits and at what times and on what kinds of games and determine the possibility of an addiction. Steps can be implemented to prevent this, whether with restrictions or a simple red light sent to both the customer and the casino staff. This way, preventing gambling addiction is a step closer to reality.

AIs will help change the world and make it easier and much more reliable to live in and the same goes for online casinos and their customers. Whether by analyzing data to keep players interested or by increasing the level of challenge in vs AI games, improvements are

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