The world is changing and there are a few factors which are making the process of change faster.

The current topic which is rocking the world is artificial intelligence, much to some people’s disdain. Some are scared of the next Skynet, ready to take over the world and end us humans, while others are just tired of the word being used in every single advert.

Well, here it is again, AI technology, something which is actively working to optimize tasks and make everything faster and more efficient. There are many companies which are investing in AI technology and are its primary backers. Here are the best performing AI companies in 2021.

Nvidia Corporation

Most people know Nvidia for its graphics cards, which are used to play video games, or more recently, to mine cryptocurrencies, if they are even in stock. Nvidia is, however, one of the largest AI investors in the business. Nvidia builds a lot of AI accelerators, which look like graphics cards but are in fact, not. They are also building their own AI center in the UK. Nvidia is one of the largest players on the market so if you think that they only make gaming cards, that is probably their lowest source of income.

Alphabet Incorporated

Alphabet is a company which you should know under a different name, Google. Actually, Alphabet is the parent company of Google, and one which uses AI in almost all of their businesses. Whether your search engine or the ads that you see, there are multiple AIs in play. It is also worth noting that they are, like many others, investing into AIs which are powering self-driving cars. Basically, Alphabet has many AIs and is working on multiple ones simultaneously, which gives the company a huge advantage, simply through numbers. And in their case, quantity also has quality.


Everybody knows Amazon, currently one of the largest e-commerce stores on the market, but also a company which has some of the largest cloud service providers. They are also the owners of Twitch, a go-to game streaming service. Amazon is also behind one of the most popular AI assistants, named Alexa, known for its meme to play Despacito. 

Even though we like to joke about things, Amazon is one of the largest investors in AI technology and knowing that, they should be kept under watch if you want more AI news. 


There are plenty of companies which you should watch if you want to know about AI technology in 2021 and upcoming years, these three being among the first. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Meta Platform (Facebook), TSMC, Micron, are also large players and the ones to look at in the upcoming years.

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