Artificial Intelligence has gone far from the days of its inception. At first, an AI was able to do almost nothing and was shunned for its failure. Nowadays, we have AIs everywhere, from chat bots to virtual assistants in our smartphones to opponents in games like chess and go, which are able to beat even the world champions in their respective games.

Since artificial intelligence has taken the pedestal of interest and development lately, it found its way into casinos and into the hands or rather computers of bookmakers. There might be no mention of AI in the review of the Buffalo Wild Wings sportsbook or any other bookmaker review, but that doesn’t mean they do not use this technology. Online casinos also feature AIs but what does that bring?

Here is how artificial intelligence affects sports betting:

·        Data, Data and More Data

Sports betting is all about the data, well, most of it is. A sports game comes down to who has the better score, the winner edging out by even a single digit. Then, you have all the different statistics depending on each sport, positioning, a type of shot, or preferable area of the said shot. If the players stay the same, it becomes even easier for an AI to predict an outcome of a match based on the previous results and the statistics related to each of the players.

While an AI cannot account for the player chemistry or state of mind or even things like temperature and other factors which can limit or boost a player’s performance, accurate predictions can still be made. All of this is possible through data analysis algorithms.

·        Helping the Customers

Data analysis comes in handy when it comes to the customers of sports betting. This means that their experience can become better due to better suggestions and a better personal page for the said customer. Following their betting habits and the sports they bet on, a better suited personal page can be created for each user.

This also includes information about promotions and bonuses related to their sports of choice. Not only that, but a better AI can help provide a better customer service than the horrid chat bots of the past, forwarding the ticket to the human operators should the situation prove to be a bit to dicey for the AI.

·        AI to the Rescue

Addiction, especially gambling addiction is a serious problem and can lead to a great loss of money to even broken up marriages and suicides. Online sports bookers try their best to warn people and promote reasonable and responsible gambling but they can only do so much.

The data is there and can point to a possible addiction but if it is ignored, then it might as well not exist. An AI which can track and warn the site’s staff of a possible addiction is not only possible, but already tested and implemented. Addiction can be stopped early, much more easily than later on.

AI can change the world, and it already is. Whether by having self-driving cars or monitors that can warn people of a possible addiction, change is inevitable. Sports betting is also likely to be changed by the ever-developing AI, through prediction bots to customer-oriented ones.

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