Online casinos are becoming more and more popular among gamblers online because of the simplicity and practicality they bring to users. The same goes for online bookmakers; it is now easier than ever for people to bet online using bonus codes like However, one of the drawbacks associated with online casinos is that the atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos is completely lost.

However, there is a solution on the horizon. Augmented reality gambling is set to change this and bring a completely different and authentic experience to the online gamblers. The idea behind AR gambling is to allow you to enjoy a real-life experience when placing bets online and imagine that you are sitting right in front of the dealer. How does it actually work?

AR gambling uses cutting-edge technology to enhance your experience. Augmented reality uses sensory inputs to bring online betting to another level. A specially equipped eyewear is used to produce both video and audio which together simulates a brick and mortar casino experience. Therefore, now you are able to sit back in your comfortable armchair and have the dealer in front of you dealing you cards and share your good and bad moments with other players.

No need to buy expensive technology in order to experience augmented reality gambling. In order to be able to place bets in an AR casino, all you need is a regular smartphone or a tablet. It uses a technological solution that basically overlays virtual videos and images on what you can actually see in front of yourself. Imagine sitting at your kitchen table and in your field of view having a realistic casino setting.

It is still uncertain whether augmented reality casinos will catch on. Even though this new technology is slowly gaining momentum and gamblers worldwide are becoming more and more interested in it, it is still uncertain whether this trend will continue or not. There are several challenges that need to be overcome before we can say for certain. One of these is the software advances that need to happen before this gambling option will become mainstream. While there are some options that punters can use, these still need refinement and time to establish themselves and reach a climax.

Augmented reality might bring relevant information to us more quickly. This is another way in which AR could transform the gambling industry. For example, imagine watching a football match and wanting to find out more about a player or a team. You could simply point your smartphone at the screen and get access to available betting markets to place a bet. Moreover, if you are watching a horserace, imagine pointing your device at a horse to instantly gain access to pools of information. You could learn about its current form, odds, about the jockey, stats history, betting markets, and much more. Having access to relevant info quickly is what often means the difference between placing a successful or a losing bet, so augmented reality could really change our view of placing bets online.

There are already some viable augmented reality gambling options available online. If you are interested in giving AR gambling a try, Betfair is the platform that has definitely progressed the most. However, Paddy Power and William Hill have also taken some steps to making AR possible for their users.

These are still small steps towards making AR gambling mainstream, but the way it seems now, we are sure it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

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