One of the most time-consuming processes of finding new talent is having interviews with promising candidates. You can always have tests in order to help you narrow down your choices, but at the end of the day organizing and evaluating tests can also be very time-consuming. So, having machines that can effectively conduct interviews is a very good idea that is already being implemented in different companies. So, don’t be surprised if, at some point when you apply for a job, a robot interviewer or recruiter appears. So let’s see how to ace the interview with a robot recruiter. 

Body Language

First of all, it’s important to remember that this is not some super-advanced AI that is evaluating your every word. In all likelihood, it will be a machine or software that is going to record your responses. However, it can also have a sort of scanner that is evaluating your body language. Meaning, if you are uncomfortable, or if you are not answering honestly the scanner might pick up on some of your cues and add them to its evaluation. So, you might need some prep time in order to see how you behave during the interview. Practice sitting straight and replying confidently, this way you won’t fire up any sensors that can indicate you are uncomfortable.   

Recorded Interview 

In all honesty, this might be the best case for the job interview, and it’s going to be easier than going to the office. An employer will likely send a pre-recorded video message with questions, and you will have to reply with your own video. This means you will be able to do recordings over and over until you create a video that you like. You even have the time to think about the questions and the answers that you wish to give. In other words, you won’t be caught off guard and you will be able to be the best version of yourself. That being said, the other candidates have the same advantage, so it’s not like it improves your chances compared to others. 

Be Honest 

Finally, you need to approach this just as any regular interview. If you are applying for a job that aligns with your career goals then be honest about it. Say why are you passionate about working in that company. If you are just applying because you are generally looking for a gig you will likely end up with some generic answers that a ton of the other interviewees are going to give. Still, it’s not impossible to land the job. Many companies simply look for employees that will do data entry jobs and that is easy to learn. So finding someone who is mainly eager to work is exactly what they are looking for. 

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